Hendy Tanata


Other than the simple fact that I'm human, I'm also a programmer. I've been doing Ruby and Rails since 2007. That's when the bleeding edge Rails was version 1.2.5. More…

I used to work in Singapore, an extension of getting my computer engineering degree there. After working for corporations for about two years, I finally had enough and figured out that it was not the way to move forward. In order to be a builder and crafter, I at least had to work in a software company or similar.

And so began my journey up to now. It has taken me from someone who knew little about programming and the software development process to being able to build and deploy a web application from scratch using known best practices.

I'm currently working in San Francisco Bay Area, also known as the Silicon Valley. The place has been great so far and I'm looking forward for more awesomeness.

Recently I've been learning functional programming via Scheme, Scala, and Haskell. I am always amazed when I see how much less code you can write with it and how beautiful it is. It's like a mini enlightenment for me. I also learned about alien concepts like partially applied function, point-free style, tail recursion optimization, pattern matching, function composition, etc.

I write blog posts about programming and other topics too. I have some open source works and have contributed to some. I also tweets, though not so much. I'm doing freelance and consulting works on the side. Contact me if you're interested.

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